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Best Looks for College

 The synonym for college should be fun and friends. College days are the best time in our whole life and we should enjoy it to the fullest. In future, you will feel the most nostalgic about these days. When we think of college the first thing that comes to mind is long hours and boring lectures but think about it twice nothing is more fun than college life. These friends, these classes, that fun after bunking a lecture nothing is compared to that happiness. But college can be scary if you get bullied and the very obvious reason for that is your fashion sense. In today’s trendy world fashion sense is a must-have to stand out in the crowd and that necessity doubles up when you are a college student. Boys and girls stay tuned with us and are the most fashionable person in the town.


You should choose your outfit wisely. You should keep in mind that the dresses you are choosing should not be very casual or professional. College outfit should be between these bars. A single deviation and you are the funniest jokes. 

For girls, it’s so hard to choose what to wear and what not to from so many clothing options but girls that’s the best thing because you have so many options. The best outfit that is super comfy and looks trendy is denim jeans and a t-shirt, you can even style your jeans with solid shirts, casual tops, floral tops. The next thing that is super easy to carry is a dress. It is super simple and needs no time or style to pair with. You look fashionable and on point. The next thing that can make your boring everyday look a trendy one is a blazer. Blazers are super cool things that can instantly make you on point. Another outfit that is super comfortable is the kurta. A simple kurta with leggings, jeans or palazzo and you are the fashion insta. You can check out tops, tees, jeans and jackets from

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For guys, it’s the even tougher thing for you because you have not so many options and almost everyone has those boring clothes that you have. Never mind am here to help you out. Apart from jeans and formal pants, you can select some really nice coloured chinos as bottom wear those are comfortable and trendy at the same times. Even joggers are also a good option. Never wear shorts to college that will be more of a casual look. Polo t-shirts, v neck t-shirts are real blessings to have. You can add jackets and shrugs to uplift the style. Nowadays layering has become a trend while layering your t-shirts with shirts don’t forget about the colour combinations. Your outfit should not be very bright the same way they must not be very dull. Check out all kind of clothing from and stand out in the crowd.

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Follow these styling tips and your fellow classmates will go crazy about your dress sense. Don’t choose very bright colours as they will make you look more casual. Choose colours according to your skin tone. Try these tips and be the crazy, funky adult in the town.

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