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Best looks for Work

Who said WFH means working endlessly in your PJs? Why not add some stylish pieces to your wardrobes that pull you out of the lazy mood of the PJs and set you right in the ‘Work’ mode?



This super-chic classic B&W dress brings out a whole new definition to the WFH attire. Super comfortable, this beautiful dress is a perfect piece for work or a WFH situation. And why limit your options? Put on some jewels and accessories, and step out in this classic B&W dress for a night out with friends.


Wondering about cute work dresses, white is always my first preference. And what better than a cute minimal print white dress suitable for work as well as a fun-night following it. Adding a pair of contrasting heels and accessories can really brighten up the dress for a party too.


Hands down my first choice in a pile of work dresses is this one. Uber cool, formal, elegant, and an amazing cut neckline screams ‘DOPE’ all over it. Why make your work outfits boring when you got this STATEMENT colorblock piece to your wardrobe?


STUCK between choosing fancy and formal for work? WTH should you be confused? Check out this beautiful lavender top with pearls embellishments. A piece that would definitely cheer you up after a long day at work and what’s better than this happy color shirt? Throw on some white pants and you are good to go! 

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