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Budget Looks Under 599/- for Men & Women

Being fashionable and middle class at the same time is a really big issue. For instance, you want to fill your word robe with every type of cloth in the next when you look at the price tag your beautiful dream shatters into pieces. This happens to all of us in most of the cases. Don’t worry peep today we are here to help you out of your biggest issue.

I have a large variety of clothing options as per your height, weight, colour and choice all under 599/- only, unbelievable right but yes you heard me right. Let’s get started with some of the best collections.

For girls:

Shorts are super comfortable when you are in no mood to go out of the house. Here are the shorts from that are super comfy, cool and are very affordable.

T-shirts are our go-to outfit so there is no harm buying a lot of them and feeling guilty later, but getting good quality material in affordable price range is the real problem. No worry girls have the solution to your problem.

Dresses are good for beach days, college days, party and everything. They make you look glamorous and beautiful. These are enough reasons to buy dresses but I have an add-on t it and that is a lower price.

Some really cool tops are a must-have for every girl and here are tops that are trendy and affordable at the same time. Do give them a check at

Then comes some palazzo pants from under 599/-.

For boys:

Are you looking for some cool vests that you can wear to your gym? Check out and find the best vests in the town.

T-shirts make you look five times younger than your actual age so whatever occasion it just pairs your t-shirt with a perfect bottom and you are done.

Hoodies are the whole things in a single piece. They are cool, comfortable and trendy. Check out this really cool hoodie from You can find a lot of options from under 599/-.

Track pants are your go-to outfit. They are comfortable and fits every occasion well. Here are some cool and low price track pants from

Have you ever heard of shrugs under 599/-? No, right!! Here you go has really cool shrugs under 599/-.

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