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Choosing the right clothes as per skin tone

 We can always find some peers in our groups who look best in whatever they choose to don. There is one thing that can make you understand why do they stand out. They shop according to their ‘skin tone’.

Choosing or shopping online clothes as per your skin tone can actually make dressing your A-game. There are basically two types of tones i.e. warm and cool skin tones. Red Graphics Tank for warm skin tone, Blue checkered vest for cool skin tone is some of the examples.

Don’t know how to determine skin tone? Relax! Navy Fox has got it covered just for you.

Skin tone remains unaffected by sun exposure or tanning which can lighten or darken your skin. Now, skins have undertones which can be determined through some at home techniques.

1. Using a white paper: Take a white sheet and keep it close to your face. If it creates light brown, yellowish, greenish or gold color impression on your skin, it means you have a warm skin tone.Cream Floral Mandarin Collar Dress,Olive Green Knotted Neck Top, Yellow Black Strips Half sleeves hoodie are some of the best picks for warm skin tone.

If the skin contrasts Blue, Pink, or Rosy shade, it is an indication of cool tone skin. For this, you can pick Pink Flared Flap Dress or Navy Blue Solid Layered Jumpsuit.

However, there are some colors fit for all i.e. white, eggplant or green clubbed with blue.

  1. Flip armsand see the color of your veins, if it is blue-purple, it indicates cool skin. Blue being clue of COOL! If it is green than it is warm skin. If you are not able to determine…than maybe it is a neutral tone.
  2. Another way to determine is thequality of the skin. If it gets skin burn easily then it is a cool skin tone but if it gets tanned easily then it is a warm skin tone.

Hope we were able to clear some of your doubts. Whatever you may like in the end, don’t forget to wear your confidence.

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