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How to Shop on a Budget?


“Shopping”, “Sale” are the words that make my day. Most of us love shopping so much that it has become an integral part of our life. Earlier people used to shop the items they are in need of or are useful to them but today everything in the store attracts us like a magnet and we go on picking up so much stuff which was nowhere in our bucket list. For those who don’t like shopping trust me you are the most boring and luckiest people in the world.


Inflation is the biggest problem of this period and in addition to that 28% of the total population of India belongs to the middle class. Being a middle class you can’t shop your heart out; you have to plan and should strictly stick to that plan while you shop. Here I am to help you out with your budget and shopping plans. 


1.Overlook what you have: 

  Before going out for shopping blindly, open your word robe and review what you already have and what you actually need. Just because you find something really nice, for example, blue denim doesn’t pick it up because you already have two types of denim in your wardrobe Stick to the requirement list or you will pile up similar things and will run short of more outfit options.


2.Redesign your wardrobe:

 Take a Sunday afternoon and try each and every cloth out of your word robe. Out of nostalgia most of us have a pile of clothes we don’t wear anymore you need to get rid of them to make space for new outfits. Try everything and decide which is worth keeping. Keep the ones that fit properly, goes well with the trend. There are clothes that you buy out of excitement but never really wore them, this gives an idea for your future shopping.


3.Plan before shopping:

 We wear clothes according to the occasion, place, season, mood, company. Before going for shopping analyze what the occasion is?  Where is the place? Whom are you going with? And this will save you from a lot of chaos and unnecessary money spending. This will also save you time.


4.Managing clothes:

 Start designing your clothes on your own this is the best way out. Buy a top that goes well with skirts as well as jeans or footwear that fits party flor as well as nightdresses; this way you can save a lot of money.


5.Proper analysis:

 Before you go shopping once check the online clothing sites and while shopping you can compare the styling as well as pricing. There are a lot of sites that are cheaper than the local stores so it’s a very intellectual step to opt. is such a site where you can get trendy, fashionable clothes at a cheaper range.

Looking trendy with a limited budget is no rocket science, you just need proper plan and management to fill your word robe with the best of things. Happy shopping!

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