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My Fashion Wishlist



On a Sunday afternoon, I opened my word robe and analyzed what I do have and what I don’t. And now when I finally have my bucket list ready am here to it with you and help you out with yours. I’ll go one by one on my fashion wish list and explain to you why exactly I need them and to help you out I will link those products. Let’s get started.


The first thing I noticed is I have very few coloured clothes. Most of my word robe looks black and white. So the first thing I need to buy is some coloured stuff that includes some funky colourful pants or palazzos and some tees. There is a thing about colours they are so vibrant that they make you look super cool without much effort.



The next thing my word robe lacks is suits. Suits are so formal right! Not really girls the perfect suit and you can rock your evening party floor. So I need to buy some informal cool suits for myself.

Then comes jackets and shrugs. My word robe is away far behind when it comes to jackets, may it be formal, denim or party wear. So I’m gonna pick a bunch of them the next time I go shopping. Jackets are so cool they will completely change your look within an instant.



I need some jumpsuits as well. They are so comfy when you travel. They look really cool on every occasion. And the most important thing is they are one-piece suits which mean no extra effort to pair it up.



Some two-piece sets is a must-have. You need the floral ones for sunny beach days. And the solid ones for daily outings. They are super cute and can help you change your look completely. Just the perfect pair and there you are.

I need some tunics as well. They are super comfy and are so good to look trendy in your usual office days or even festive days.



I’m just crazy about tights. I love them so much, I want to fill my word robe completely with all the prints available in tights. They just lift your look so high.

So, girls open your word robe and find out what are the things you need to add to your wishlist. You need to change your daily outfits as they can seem boring if you stick to it for a long time. Go on and don’t worry to add some colourful and vibrant stuff to your closet. Happy shopping girls.

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