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Winter Work Wear

Dressing for work underneath a giant puffer coat can sometimes feel a bit uninspired. When temperatures dip below 20 degrees and it's still dark outside at 7 am it's so hard to get dressed for the office.  Here we are to help you out and give you some ideas for getting dressed.

For women:

1.Thick tights, knee-length skirts, boots and trench coats. 

  1. Straight trousers, ruffle tops, boots and trench coats.
  2. Leather pants, turtle neck sweaters, heels and coats.
  3. Leggings, tunic, flats and overcoats.

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  1. Wear a suit set with a thermocoat on.

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For men:

Your wardrobe should have all of the below-mentioned things when it comes to winters. You can style them in your own and slay.

1.Leather jacket

2.Pea coat

3.Woolen overcoat

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4.Denim jacket

5.Woolen blazers

6.Trench coat

7.Woolen suits



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10.Oversize jumpers


12.Turtleneck sweaters


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Here are some of the most popular dressing options in winter but fashion is a thing you should approach from your own point of view so I'll suggest wearing whatever you are comfortable with and slay it.

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